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Why is your facility open "by appointment only"?

The primary reason is that we only staff the office when we know there is an appointment, so the OFFICE is unstaffed a large portion of the day. Our office staff are the only staff equipped to handle phone calls, answer questions, make reservations, handle check-ins, check-outs, etc.

Our dog handlers are on the property for much of the day, but do not handle front office/lobby responsibilities.  Additionally, because of the interactive nature of our facility, the dogs spend very little time in their rooms.  They are usually out hanging around and playing like house dogs.  This time is very special, because we can spend uninterrupted time with our doggie guests.  For the safety of our guests, all doors remain locked when the dogs are playing.  When we are expecting an appointment, all dogs are placed in their bedrooms for their safety, so that they don't "charge the door", which could be very overwhelming for a new guest or visitor and unsafe for a "normally stable" playgroup of dogs.  But most importantly, we wouldn't leave a group of dogs unattended to take care of a person.  So that's why we do everything by that we can plan our day and play time with the dogs.  It just works better that way!  That's also why we ask that you aren't any more than 10 minutes early or late for your appointment.  If you come early, we probably don't have the dogs where we need them to be, and you will likely have to wait to get in.  If you arrive late, you've made the dogs stay in their rooms longer than they needed to be.  Thanks for understanding and feel free to call if you won't arrive on time!

Why do I often get voice mail when I call?

Well, if you've read the answer to the question above, you've got an idea about how we are staffed and how we feel about safety!  To be completely honest, although we value your call and want to talk to you, the dogs come first.  We will not leave a playgroup of dogs unattended outside to go inside to answer the phone.  It's just not safe.  We are very good about checking voice mails and giving the message to the appropriate staff who can assist you.  If you don't like to leave messages, please consider doing so anyway.  Thanks for understanding that we are trying to offer your dogs excellent service, but still remain cost-effective.

Is someone there all night?

No. If we had to pay someone to stay all night, we'd have to charge each dog $75 + per night.  It's just not cost-effective for either of us to do that.  But we have a wonderful scheduling system, with many, many hours of staff in attendance and lots of playtime.  Believe me, when the dogs go to their bedroom for bedtime or a nap, they are most often VERY glad to see their bed!  Your dog will get plenty of attention, I promise!

What should we bring?

Food, collar, and leash.  We supply everything else: bowls, bedding, and toys!  We prefer food be portion-packed, but we do suggest you send some extra.  Because of the increased activity, your dog may have a larger appetite than usual!  If your dog runs out of food while he or she is here, we will move them to our food (Blue Buffalo), and add it to your bill!  They are sure to love it!

Required Forms

Do you offer grooming prior to pickup?

Yes.  We do offer Professional Grooming Services during your dog's stay, which include an aromatherapy bubble bath, ear cleaning & plucking, nail clipping, and hair cut & style.  We also offer "stand alone" services, such as just a bath ($20-$30) or just nail clipping ($12-$18).  Who couldn't use a day at the spa?  Please be sure to mention this service on intake.

Visit our spa services info page.

Why must a dog older than 6 months of age be neutered or spayed?

Because we are an interactive facility, intact males or females can throw off the dynamics of our facility.  There are safety and sanitary problems that can be created with dogs who aren’t spayed or neutered.  Therefore, all dogs older than 6 months MUST be spayed or neutered.

Can my dogs stay in the same bedroom?

Safety is our top priority.  If your dogs live in the same household, eat the same food, can eat unattended, and can be left unattended together safely (without incident), they are welcome to stay in the same room.

We will NOT combine dogs from different families/households in the same bedroom, under any circumstances.

What if my dog doesn’t like other dogs?

We really want to know what your experience has been around other dogs.  You will put all of that on our Required Forms, prior to your first stay.  However, our introduction process is highly-specialized.  We often can create successful play groups at Play N Stay, even with dogs who are afraid of other dogs, or act defensive when they are with their owners, on leash, or on their own turf. Additionally, it is important to note that just because a dog gets along with others at Play N Stay, it doesn’t mean that your dog will behave or accept other dogs at it’s home, or with you present.

If it is determined that your dog is NOT suitable for group play, we will determine whether it will be accepted into our “private play” care at camp, so that it still has a great time with us and our staff!  (“Private play” space is limited.)

How old does my puppy have to be to attend camp?

Our preference is 16 weeks of age, with at least TWO Puppy shots given, and a third scheduled with your vet. Puppies will also need to be up to date on the kennel cough vaccine.  Our deadline for the rabies vaccine is 5 months of age. Our deadline for spay/neuter is 6 months of age.

NEW! Puppy Program - in our training center!  For puppies from 10 weeks to 16 weeks of age!

Why do you require a “Meet and Greet”?

Well, if you haven't figured it out, we aren't like other facilities.  We need to make sure your dog is a good fit for us and that we are a good fit for your dog.  During the 6 hour Meet and Greet, we assess your dog carefully.  If everything goes as planned, we carefully introduce your dog to a dog of similar temperament (because much of our time is spent in play groups).  We are really looking for your dog's willingness to be compliant with our guidance and requests (not snappy with staff and not vicious with other dogs).  We also place them in a bedroom for an hour or so, to make sure that they are not "fixationally" destructive.  It could be a very long stay for all of us if your dog decides he or she isn't staying/can escape from the bedroom or that Fifi would be a tasty snack!  It could also be very expensive for you!  So, in this case, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Meet and Greet are required on all dogs over 50 pounds, prior to acceptance as a Play n Stay client. Please call to schedule. There is a fee for this evaluation, plus the cost of daycare.

What's the schedule look like for Fido?

A “typical” day at Play N Stay looks like this:

6:45 to 7:30 AM Wake up the dogs.  Morning stretch and pee.

7:30-8:30 ROOM SERVICE-Breakfast is served.  Dogs participating in "The Breakfast Club" are served Breakfast in Bed!

9-4 Miscellaneous free time (playing, loving, helping with the laundry, etc.), according to dogs needs (young dogs typically play a lot, older dogs and princesses get a massage, some prefer to lay in the sun, some like the air conditioning.  This time is unscripted.  We do a lot of what they want to do and some of what we need to do.)  LOTS of trips outside.  We allow some indoor down time during play group rotation to catch a nap and a drink of water. Dogs participating in PARTIES or ACTIVITIES skip some nap time to indulge in one-on-one time with staff!

3:30-4 PM ROOM SERVICE-Dinner is served.

4:30-6 or 7 More time outside!  Ice Cream, Apple Crisp, Chewy Snacks, and Bedtime-Tuck-Ins with Lullabies, as well as other Pampered Preferences are delivered!

Then it’s LIGHTS OUT til morning!  The large majority of our dogs are so exhausted from playing all day, so they sleep straight through til morning.

What can I do to get my dog ready for the first overnight stay?

DAYCARE!!  Play N Stay is a great vacation time for your dog!  Lots of friends, a private bedroom, lots of play time, super-nice staff, and pictures of the action on Facebook!  However, if this is a new experience for your dog, it takes a little bit to get in the groove.  Consider a few short days of daycare prior to the first overnight.  This will allow your dog the opportunity to get acquainted with us and how we do things, so the first overnight stay is an easy transition!

Also-we recommend bringing your dog in as early in the day as you can, so that he or she goes to bed tired after playing hard with new friends!  This makes the first night so much better, and helps ensure a restful, happy first night!

Do you sell pet supplies?

Yes!  We sell a large line of Blue Food and Treats.  We are big believers in eliminating corn, wheat, and soy from dog’s diets, so most of what you find in our retail stores is healthy and whole!  We also carry an assortment of collars, leashes, car harnesses, no-pull walking harnesses, Thundershirts, Pet Correctors, treats, bones, unique toys, spa products, and more.

Do you offer pickup and drop-off services for Play N Stay Clients?

RARELY.  The cost is $25., plus $1. per mile, and is solely based on the availability of the owners.  Please call ahead to make arrangements for this service.

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