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Why Choose Us:

1. It's FUN FOR DOGS!  From balls to squeak toys to peanut butter filled toys to grassy play yards to "bacon-flavored bubble guns", we are ALL ABOUT FUN!

2.  VERY WELL-TRAINED STAFF! Many facilities run like a supervised dog park - they pay low-wage staff to put dogs together and hope for the best. WE are WAY better than that!  Our staff complete 300+ hours of training and testing before they are certified to run groups at Play N Stay.  We MANAGE our groups, teaching the dogs to be mannerly and not offend others.  No bullying is allowed, and your dog is likely to go home with a great understanding of "The 6 Words We Live By" - SIT, BACK, WAIT, OFF, LEAVE-IT, and COME!

3. WE LOVE DOGS!  Our staff are not hired as "kennel help."  We hire dog lovers, then train them to manage dogs in a pack.  We rub dog bellies, give and get doggie kisses, and pass out treats.  All our staff own dogs as house pets and give your dogs the same wonderful treatment that they give their dogs at home.

3. SUPERVISION OF YOUR DOG IS OUR TOP PRIORITY!   The primary concern at veterinary hospitals is sick animals and the owners of these ailing pets.  The primary concern at grooming salons is the demanding timelines of grooming dogs and making sure they are finished and ready to go by their pickup deadline.  The primary concern at many boarding kennels is packing out as many runs as possible, minimizing attending staff.  Traditional kennels provide a safe, secure environment with food and fresh water only.  Your dog will either attend to his own needs (inside/outside runs) or will be placed outside to do his business 2-4 times per day. OUR STAFF ARE PAID TO CARE FOR OUR DOGGIE HOUSE GUESTS and MAKE SURE THEY ARE HAPPY and SAFE-PERIOD!  We spend ALL OF OUR DAY playing with dogs, making trips outside (lots of trips per day), cleaning, and managing/supervising group play activities!  Although we DO offer grooming services on site, we are careful staff extra people on those days, so that our doggie guests are not slighted!

4. IT'S NOT A JOB-IT'S AN ADVENTURE!  (Okay, so it's not an original slogan, but it's true!)  We hire mature, responsible dog lovers who we train to manage dogs in a pack.  Every day is a new day when you are managing 15+ house dogs of all different shapes and sizes, from all walks of life.  It's NEVER boring around here!

5. IT'S SAFE!  WE HAVE A FABULOUS SAFETY RECORD!  I know it may sound scary to think that your dog will be around other dogs in a group.  Although we are cautious, we aren't scared.  It's ALL about the screening, introduction, and staff training!  Unlike dog parks, we don't just throw dogs together and hope for the best!  Our introduction and screening process have been developed for success!  All screenings and group introductions are managed by qualified staff.  Also, our staff understand the importance of being assertive, but calm, pack leaders.  This is our turf, and we are in charge.  That keeps our doggie guests from fighting for the top dog position.  Dogs are matched in play groups with dogs of similar temperament and personality.  We often run at least 3 play groups: the "big,young bucks" play group, the "mediums", and the "princess/geriatric/teacup" play group.  This helps to ensure that OUR DOGGIE HOUSE GUESTS SPEND THEIR DAY THEIR WAY!  Dogs are ALWAYS in their individual bedrooms for meals and sleeping times.

6. IT’S CLEAN!  Our state-of-the-art Central wet/dry vacuum system dispenses eco-friendly, safe, Hospital-grade disinfectant and all of the dirty stuff and dirty water are whisked away to the sewer.  No brooms, mops, garden hoses, or pressure washers are used around the dogs in our facility-NO WAY!  The cleaning system we use is common in hospitals in Australia and Canada, and it’s far superior to old, wet, traditional ways of cleaning.  Less humidity and dampness means a cleaner, fresher, healthier facility! Additionally, our specially made dog-turf can be disinfected thoroughly...and NO MUD!

7. VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED!  We are proud to have veterinarians as clients!  We are also proud that MANY local veterinarians recommend Play N Stay Pet Camp exclusively to their patients!

8. BEDROOMS, NOT CAGES!  For dogs who prefer NOT to be crated.  Enough said. See our Wheeling, WV facility.  See our St. Clairsville facility.

9.   HAPPY DOGS=HAPPY OWNERS!   When you go to the beach, you don't stay at a hospital, a hair salon, or in the shed out back.  You stay in a hotel or condo!  Your dog doesn't want to stay at the hospital either.  And you should never have to send your dog to jail when you go on vacation.

10.   THEY COME HOME HAPPY!  Our doggie guests have a blast while they are here!  After their stay, they go home tired, but not traumatized.  They have had more hours of love, attention, and play than the average family can give on the average day at home.  We can't help's just what we do!


and every wonderful thing about them-from Puppy Breath to Dog Kisses!  We know that when you are away, you need to know that your dogs are well-cared for and having fun at their "home away from home!"

FUN, INTERACTIVE LODGING! We provide full service, interactive daycare and lodging!  No boring chain link and concrete "doggie jails" here!  Treat your dog to FUN! FUN! FUN!  Play N Stay Pet Camp is a fun, stimulating environment for dogs that like to play "in a pack." 

GROUP PLAY: For the safety of all our guests, Play N Stay staff evaluate all dogs for aggression, behavior, suitability, and health before they are allowed to join our group.  Our dog profile is not an evaluation to determine the good dogs from the bad dogs- it is only an evaluation to determine if your dog is "group play" compatible.  Group play boarding is not suitable for every dog because some dogs just don't enjoy being around other dogs. That's OK!  If your pup doesn't enjoy group, he or she will be right at home in our Private Care Boarding, with lots of one-on-one time with staff!


Supervision and control are the most important part of safe play.  Left on their own, dogs may bully one another and/or injure one another unintentionally by rough play.  At Play N Stay, we match compatible personalities and supervise interaction to ensure a positive experience for all.  It is also extremely important to us that not only does your dog get tons of exercise and interaction while he is here, but we also work on basic manners throughout the day to insure your dog leaves with his manners intact.


Play N Stay Pet Camp is the ONLY interactive play facility that is LOCALLY-OWNED & OPERATED by a TRAINER!

Our GROUP LEADERS each receive 300 hours of staff training in Group Play dynamics & maintaining a HEALTHY balance!

HOW WE SPEND THE DAY: A typical day at Play N Stay consists of several trips to our HUGE outside turefed play yards for safe, off-leash play and exercise.  When we aren't outside, the dogs will enjoy playing in our indoor playroom, which is complete with couches and doggie beds for the ultimate lounging experience.

In the middle of the day we have naptime and treats which helps to calm the dogs and let them get some rest in preparation for the afternoon activities.  Although we specialize in cage-free boarding, if your dog prefers a crate or is being crate-trained, we can accommodate him with a crate at your request. 

Play N Stay Pet Camp for DOGS features:


  • Locally-owned!
  • Owned by a TRAINER!
  • Professionally-trained staff!
  • State of the Art Cleaning system!
  • Hopital-grade disinfectant!
  • Full-view GLASS-front bedrooms!
  • Ultra-CLEAN Dog Turf!
  • SWIMMING Pools!
  • COMFY Couches!
  • FUN & Friends!
  • LOVE & Affection!


Since 2006!