ONE MORE VOTE for the Car Booster Seat for Little Dogs!

Awhile back, I shared ONE of my VERY FAVORITE dog purchases: The SNOOZER LOOKOUT CAR BOOSTER SEAT!

  • Great for a little dog that struggles to ride comfortably in the car.
  • Great for little dogs that try to stand up on their back legs to look out the window.
  • Great for little dogs that  struggle to balance and see.

Today, I delivered Ike the chihuahua home to his momma!  He’d been with us for a little over a week.  He LOVED the booster seat!  Even rolled on his back in it, going down the road!

SO CUTE!  If you’d like to purchase one, grab the Amazon link below!


Here’s more about the Booster SEAT:

I looked at all kinds of pet booster seats – the hanging ones, the puffy ones, a bunch of different kinds. In the end, I decided on the SNOOZER LOOKOUT SEAT! I LOVE IT! It’s SO EASY to throw into place – one handed, while rushing, with a dog or a coffee in the other hand! NOT KIDDING!!

As a bonus, it has a storage drawer under it, seatbelts in easily, and is surprisingly LIGHT in weight, yet amazingly STURDY!

Seriously – super, great choice! AND ALL of the dogs LOVE it! The pups are SAFE, balanced, and can see, which makes for a JOYOUS ride for ALL of us!

I’m attaching an Amazon link for this amazing seat! Some of the best money you’ll spend on your pets AND your SANITY!!

<3 Jessica