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Dog _Boarding_Daycare_Wheeling_St._ Clairsville_OH


Puppies need to meet 100 people, prior to 12 weeks of age!

Due to their vaccination needs, this can be quite difficult!  WE CAN HELP!

Enroll your puppy into our carefully conducted Puppy Daycare & Development Program, AKA "Puppy School", designed to help your pup develop into a confident and robust pup, eager to learn and easy to teach, through the use of FUN and GAMES.

Puppies are dropped off for all day supervision, structured naps, play time and potty training rituals.  They are exposed, in FUN ways, to sights & sounds that many ADULT dogs find scary, AND taught how to positively respond to handling through a series of activities that include grooming exercises & mock veterinary exams.  

This program allows your puppy to learn under the influence of highly skilled puppy handlers, trainers and teaching dogs.

Bite inhibition learning window CLOSES at 18 weeks of age!

Puppy needs to learn what he can put his mouth on AND how to be soft-mouthed.  WE CAN HELP!


Available for puppies 10 weeks to 18 weeks of age

Strict vaccination and handling protocols

Puppies are handled in 3 stages of development:

Babies:              10-12 weeks of age

Toddlers:           13-18 weeks of age

Adolescents:     18 weeks and up

HERE'S THE SCOOP!  Puppy School members get:

Unlimited daycare for your puppy.  7 days a week, we are here for you!  Our specially-trained puppy handlers will help your puppy learn and grow.  We support your house-training efforts, by establishing a good routine.  Every play session is full of LOVE and LEARNING!

50% OFF all grooming services for puppies that are currently enrolled in PUPPY SCHOOL!

Purchased by the week:     $125. per week, until 18 weeks of age.

Recurring billing:                  $100. per week, until 18 weeks of age.

Call us to get started! (304) 242-2200 WHG or (740) 695-2200 (STC)

Your PUPPY will LOVE you for it!


The BEST education you can give your new puppy!


AKA "Puppy School"

The PUPPY CARE partnership, from the HEART of a DOG TRAINER! The PUPPY CARE partnership, from the HEART of a DOG TRAINER!

Our Daycare DEVELOPMENT program is designed just for PUPPIES!