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serving St. Clairsville, OH & Wheeling, WV

Play N Stay features:

  • Locally-owned!
  • Owned by a TRAINER!
  • Professionally-trained staff!
  • State of the Art Cleaning system!
  • Hopital-grade disinfectant!
  • Full-view GLASS-front bedrooms!
  • Ultra-CLEAN Dog Turf!
  • SWIMMING Pools!
  • COMFY Couches!
  • FUN & Friends!
  • LOVE & Affection!


Love every wonderful thing about them-from Puppy Breath to Dog Kisses! We know that when you are away, you need to know that your dogs are well-cared for and having fun at their “home away from home!”


We provide full service, interactive daycare and lodging! No boring chain link and concrete “doggie jails” here! Treat your dog to FUN! FUN! FUN! Play N Stay Pet Camp is a fun, stimulating environment for dogs that like to play “in a pack.”


The safety of all our guests, Play N Stay staff evaluate all dogs for aggression, behavior, suitability, and health before they are allowed to join our group. Our dog profile is not an evaluation to determine the good dogs from the bad dogs- it is only an evaluation to determine if your dog is “group play” compatible.

Supervision and control

The most important part of safe play. Left on their own, dogs may bully one another and/or injure one another unintentionally by rough play. At Play N Stay, we match compatible sizes and personalities and supervise all interactions to ensure a positive experience for all. It is also extremely important to us that not only does your dog get tons of exercise, but that he or she feels SAFE and SECURE for maximum FUN!

Play N Stay Pet Camp is the ONLY interactive play facility

Our GROUP LEADERS each receive 300+ hours of Staff training in
Group Play dynamics & maintaining a HEALTHY balance!



A typical day at Play N Stay consists of several trips to our HUGE outside turfed play yards for safe, off-leash play and exercise. When we aren’t outside, the dogs will enjoy playing in our indoor playroom, which is complete with couches and doggie beds for the ultimate lounging experience.

In the middle of the day we have naptime and treats which helps to calm the dogs and let them get some rest in preparation for the afternoon activities. Although we specialize in cage-free boarding, if your dog prefers a crate or is being crate-trained, we can accommodate him with a crate at your request.



From balls to squeak toys to peanut butter filled toys to grassy play yards to “bacon-flavored bubble guns”, we are ALL ABOUT FUN!


Many facilities run like a supervised dog park – they pay low-wage staff to put dogs together and hope for the best. WE are WAY better than that! Our staff complete 300+ hours of training and testing before they are certified to run groups at Play N Stay. We MANAGE our groups, teaching the dogs to be mannerly and not offend others. No bullying is allowed, and your dog is likely to go home with a great understanding of “The 6 Words We Live By” – SIT, BACK, WAIT, OFF, LEAVE-IT, and COME!  You can even sign your dog up for a PRIVATE TRAINING SESSION, utilizing our Pampered Preferences form on our Express Check-In!


Our staff are not hired as “kennel help.” We hire amazing ROCKSTARS, who are dog lovers, then we train them to manage dogs in a pack! We rub dog bellies, give and get doggie kisses, and pass out treats. All our staff own dogs as house pets and give your dogs the same wonderful treatment that they give their dogs at home.  Looking to join our pack?  Visit our CAREERS page for the scoop!


The primary concern at veterinary hospitals is sick animals and the owners of these ailing pets.

The primary concern at grooming salons is the demanding timelines of grooming dogs and making sure they are finished and ready to go by their pickup deadline.

The primary concern at many economy boarding kennels is packing out as many runs as possible, minimizing attending staff to keep expenses super low. Traditional kennels provide a safe, secure environment with food and fresh water only. Your dog will either attend to his own needs (inside/outside runs) or will be placed outside to do his business 2-4 times per day.

OUR TEAM OF ELITE DOG CARE PROFESSIONALS ARE PAID TO CARE FOR OUR DOGGIE HOUSE GUESTS and MAKE SURE THEY ARE HAPPY and SAFE-PERIOD! We spend ALL OF OUR DAY playing with dogs, making trips outside (lots of trips per day), cleaning, and managing/supervising group play activities! Although we DO offer grooming services on site, we are careful staff extra people, so that our doggie guests are not slighted!


WE HAVE A FABULOUS SAFETY RECORD! I know it may sound scary to think that your dog will be around other dogs in a group. Although we are cautious, we aren’t scared. It’s ALL about the screening, introduction, and staff training! Unlike dog parks, we don’t just throw dogs together and hope for the best! Our introduction and screening process have been developed for success! All screenings and group introductions are managed by qualified staff. Also, our staff understand the importance of being assertive, but calm, pack leaders. This is our turf, and we are in charge. That keeps our doggie guests from fighting for the top dog position. Dogs are matched in play groups with dogs of similar size, temperament and personality. We often run at least 3 play groups: the “big,young bucks” play group, the “mediums”, and the “princess/geriatric/teacup” play group. This helps to ensure that OUR DOGGIE HOUSE GUESTS SPEND THEIR DAY THEIR WAY! Dogs are ALWAYS in their individual bedrooms for meals and sleeping times.


Our state-of-the-art Central wet/dry vacuum system dispenses eco-friendly, safe, Hospital-grade disinfectant and all of the dirty stuff and dirty water are whisked away to the sewer. No brooms, mops, garden hoses, or pressure washers are used around the dogs in our facility-NO WAY! The cleaning system we use is common in hospitals in Australia and Canada, and it’s far superior to old, wet, traditional ways of cleaning. Less humidity and dampness means a cleaner, fresher, healthier facility! Additionally, our specially made dog-turf can be disinfected thoroughly…and NO MUD!


We are proud to have SEVERAL local veterinarians as clients! We are also proud that MANY local veterinarians recommend Play N Stay Pet Camp exclusively to their patients!


Full-view, glass-front bedrooms – for dogs who prefer NOT to be crated. Enough said. See our Wheeling, WV facility. See our St. Clairsville facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your facility open "by appointment only?"
The primary reason is that we only staff the office when we know there is an appointment, so the OFFICE is unstaffed a large portion of the day. Our office staff are the only staff equipped to handle phone calls, answer questions, make reservations, handle check-ins, check-outs, etc.

Our dog handlers are on the property for much of the day, but do not handle front office/lobby responsibilities. Additionally, because of the interactive nature of our facility, the dogs spend very little time in their rooms. They are usually out hanging around and playing like house dogs. This time is very special, because we can spend uninterrupted time with our doggie guests. For the safety of our guests, all doors remain locked when the dogs are playing. When we are expecting an appointment, all dogs are placed in their bedrooms for their safety, so that they don’t “charge the door”, which could be very overwhelming for a new guest or visitor and unsafe for a “normally stable” playgroup of dogs. But most importantly, we wouldn’t leave a group of dogs unattended to take care of a person. So that’s why we do everything by appointment…so that we can plan our day and play time with the dogs. It just works better that way! That’s also why we ask that you aren’t any more than 10 minutes early or late for your appointment. If you come early, we probably don’t have the dogs where we need them to be, and you will likely have to wait to get in. If you arrive late, you’ve made the dogs stay in their rooms longer than they needed to be. Thanks for understanding and feel free to call if you won’t arrive on time!

Why do I often get voice mail when I call?
Well, if you’ve read the answer to the question above, you’ve got an idea about how we are staffed and how we feel about safety! To be completely honest, although we value your call and want to talk to you, the dogs come first. We will not leave a playgroup of dogs unattended outside to go inside to answer the phone. It’s just not safe. We are very good about checking voice mails and giving the message to the appropriate staff who can assist you. If you don’t like to leave messages, please consider doing so anyway. Thanks for understanding that we are trying to offer your dogs excellent service, but still remain cost-effective.
Is someone there all night?
No. If we had to pay someone to stay all night, we’d have to charge each dog $75 + per night. It’s just not cost-effective for either of us to do that. But we have a wonderful scheduling system, with many, many hours of staff in attendance and lots of playtime. Believe me, when the dogs go to their bedroom for bedtime or a nap, they are most often VERY glad to see their bed! Your dog will get plenty of attention, I promise!
What should we bring?
Food, collar, and leash. We supply everything else: bowls, bedding, and toys! We prefer food be portion-packed, but we do suggest you send some extra. Because of the increased activity, your dog may have a larger appetite than usual! If your dog runs out of food while he or she is here, we will move them to our food (VICTOR Grain-free), and add it to your bill! They are sure to love it!
Do you offer grooming prior to pickup?
Yes. We do offer Professional Grooming Services during your dog’s stay, which include an aromatherapy bubble bath, ear cleaning & plucking, nail clipping, and more. We also offer “stand alone” services, such as just a bath ($20-$30) or just nail clipping ($12-$18). Who couldn’t use a day at the spa? Please be sure to mention this service on intake. Visit our Doggie Day Spa page for more info!
Why must a dog older than 6 months of age be neutered or spayed?

Because we are an interactive facility, intact males or females can throw off the dynamics of our facility. There are safety and sanitary problems that can be created with dogs who aren’t spayed or neutered. Therefore, MOST dogs older than 6 months MUST be spayed or neutered.

That said, we do sometimes make exceptions, for an additional fee (they require more management)…so don’t be afraid to ask!

Can my dogs stay in the same bedroom?
Safety is our top priority. If your dogs live in the same household, eat the same food, can eat unattended, and can be left unattended together safely (without incident), they are welcome to stay in the same room.

We will NOT combine dogs from different families/households in the same bedroom, under any circumstances.

What if my dog doesn’t like other dogs?
We really want to know what your experience has been around other dogs. You will put all of that on our Required Forms, prior to your first stay. However, our introduction process is highly-specialized. We often can create successful play groups at Play N Stay, even with dogs who are afraid of other dogs, or act defensive when they are with their owners, on leash, or on their own turf. Additionally, it is important to note that just because a dog gets along with others at Play N Stay, it doesn’t mean that your dog will behave or accept other dogs at it’s home, or with you present.

If it is determined that your dog is NOT suitable for group play, we will determine whether it will be accepted into our “private play” care at camp, so that it still has a great time with us and our staff! (“Private play” space is limited.)

How old does my puppy have to be to attend camp?
For dog daycare & overnight boarding, all dogs must be at least 16 weeks of age, with at least TWO Puppy shots given, and a third scheduled with your vet. Puppies will also need to be up to date on the kennel cough vaccine. Our deadline for the rabies vaccine is 5 months of age. Our deadline for spay/neuter is 6 months of age.

IF YOUR PUPPY IS YOUNGER THAN 16 WEEKS, we do offer AMAZING Puppy Training and Socialization Programs!  Be sure to check it out!

Why do you require a “Meet and Greet”?
Well, if you haven’t figured it out, we aren’t like other facilities. We need to make sure your dog is a good fit for us and that we are a good fit for your dog. During the 6 hour Meet and Greet, we assess your dog carefully. If everything goes as planned, we carefully introduce your dog to a dog of similar temperament (because much of our time is spent in play groups). We are really looking for your dog’s willingness to be compliant with our guidance and requests (not snappy with staff and not vicious with other dogs). We also place them in a bedroom for an hour or so, to make sure that they are not “fixationally” destructive. It could be a very long stay for all of us if your dog decides he or she isn’t staying/can escape from the bedroom or that Fifi would be a tasty snack! It could also be very expensive for you! So, in this case, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Meet and Greet are required on all dogs over 50 pounds, prior to acceptance as a Play N Stay client. Please call to schedule. There is a fee for this evaluation, plus the cost of daycare.
Why does my dog do well at Play N Stay, but he's a jerk with other dogs when I take him for a walk?
It’s VERY different for several reasons!  Here’s a few:

  1. OWNERS AREN’T PRESENT: Dogs act differently when they are on leash with their owners. Dogs can be best friends in group, but if we put them on leash in our lobby, with owners present, it gets dicey. There’s a natural protection dynamic that shows up. This is why we don’t let dogs meet in our lobby or our parking lot.
  2. GROUPS ARE CAREFULLY BUILT, NOT “ONE SIZE FITS ALL”: Each dog’s play group is hand-selected by an elite team of dog care professionals. Our groups are built with a group of carefully-screened. hand-selected dogs that match the temperament and play style of the dogs that are present that day.. On a typical day, we run anywhere from 3 to 8 DIFFERENT play groups, to accommodate all sizes, temperaments, play styles, and breed characteristics..We don’t haphazardly throw dogs together “dog park style” and hope for the best.
  3. LEADERSHIP: We LEAD our groups. Our team members are thoroughly trained in dog body language, pack structure, arousal levels, pack-dynamics, leadership, and the subtle indicators that a dog may need more space, may need a break, is nervous or unsure, is being too pushy, or is trying to run the show. Without a clear, mindful, and knowledgeable leader, dogs must figure it out for themselves, in order to develop their a leadership structure and pack hierarchy. This leads to trouble in the pack. Our group leaders don’t simply “attend” the play group, they LEAD it.
Why is Play N Stay Pet Camp the BEST?
Oh gosh!  There are LOTS of reasons why Play N Stay is better than the rest!  There are lots of “copy cats” in our field, as well as “un-professionals” trying to replicate dog daycare from home.  We understand the desire to explore your options, especially if price is an issue. However, we can not be duplicated. Here’s WHY:

  • ESTABLISHED IN 2006. We’ve got more experience than ANYONE in the valley doing interactive play groups.
  • TOP-QUALITY FACILITIES: Central Wet/Dry vacuum, 8′ high fences, raised cots in every room, full glass doors, antimicrobial pet turf, online booking, facebook pics, a la carte services…only the best!
  • WE ARE EXPERTS, even though WE MAKE IT LOOK EASY. We also make it FUN!  The fact is: It’s WAY harder than it looks, if you are going to do it right! We’ve learned how to keep dogs happy and safe, and to run a successful facility. Our standards and practices are VERY high. Some of the issues a boarding or daycare facility faces are: Dog body language training, recognizing problem behaviors, preventing escalation of problem behaviors, medications, food allergies, food aggression, toy possession, tracking behavior, vet visit protocols, sanitization and disinfection protocol, balancing play and rest, illness and injury procedures, fence heights and weaknesses, multiple barricades preventing escape, gate security, gentle handling, separation of dogs based on size and temperament, pool safety, handler distractions, grooming needs, staff recruitment, staff communication, staff happiness, client care, billing, tracking belongings, etc. We’ve mastered ALL of it, and rarely run into an issue for which we haven’t prepared AND trained.
  • LOTS OF TIME AND ATTENTION: Our #1 expense is payroll. We expect our team to spend a lot of time to give each and every dog the very best. Your dog is KNOWN and LOVED, and NOT just a number! Your boarding or daycare dog is not simply getting a service that’s offered “on the side” of a veterinary or grooming business. It’s our MAIN DISH!  As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”
  • WE ONLY HIRE THE BEST: Our interview and screening process is STRICT and SPECIALIZED!  We don’t hire just warm bodies with a pulse, which is how many facilities operate. Our team members were screened heavily and interviewed thoroughly. We ONLY HIRE 1-2% of applicants. Only the BEST for your pet!
  • STAFF TRAINING: I know we mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning again! Our training is intense! New hires can’t even TOUCH a dog in their first 2 weeks of training!  YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Our group leaders have OVER 300 hours of TRAINING and CERTIFICATIONS, before they can handle a group on their own! Online providers and in-home providers offer little to no staff training. Their safety ratings, reviews, and nightmare stories showcase that miss. Being a “dog lover” is NOT enough.
  • HAPPY TEAM MEMBERS: We hire happy people. We teach them dog care. We teach them communication. We support them. We pay them well. At the same time, they EARN their raises by taking their learning to NEW LEVELS!  Our team members DRIVE their own WAGE, based on learning, growing, and ongoing-development of themselves AND each other!
  • We LEAD the INDUSTRY with NATIONWIDE CONSULTING: Dog daycare/dog hotel owners across America use our consulting service to help them reach their full potential. We coach, we assist, we travel to them for hands on training, we trouble-shoot emergencies. We support our industry and our colleagues by sharing our knowledge and expertise.
  • FAMILY-OWNED and OPERATED: We are local to the valley. Owners are ORIGINAL owners and have been with the company since it was just a twinkle in the owners’ eyes.
  • OWNED by DOG TRAINERS. Every interaction with a dog is a teachable moment. It’s important that your dog is handled well and handled consistently, so that he will not be confused. Gentle and kind handling is a learned skill. Need we say more?
  • LICENSED and INSURED: Our facility is a fully-registered, law-abiding, tax-paying business at all locations. Many smaller care-providers are not. BE AWARE: If your care provider does not charge sales tax in the state of WV, they are likely an illegitimate and unlicensed business.
What's your policy on Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Mixes?

For a variety of reasons, the only way they are accepted is if they come a minimum of 5 days per week from 10 weeks of age (completing our puppy program) and continue through our tween program until 1 year of age and maintain regular attendance after that, with no long term lapses in attendance.

We can not accept them once their early puppy socialization windows are closed. Their families are aware from the start that they can be refused service at any time if their behavior becomes problematic. Also, for everyone wondering, the issue is not ‘aggression’ most of the time. The vast majority of the time the issue is extremely high, unmanageable/fixational energy in group play that is ‘terrier’ in nature (tenacious, strong, and committed) and becomes a safety risk to them and others.

Why are some breeds not accepted after completion of the Puppy Program?f the

For a variety of reasons…

We LOVE our puppy program and shaping young dogs to be AMAZING.  However, so breeds have such a high genetic tendency towards guardian behavior, that we just can’t risk it past adolescence.

We take GREAT pride in our safety rating and record. We won’t risk pushing that too far by taking a high-drive gladiator breed into our groups, nor will we risk our staff’s safety with a high-caliber, high commitment dog, in an often ever-changing, often high stimulus environment.


Play N Stay Pet Camp is a HAPPY, HEALTHY, & GROWING company!
Our fun, friendly, & knowledgeable staff provides EXCEPTIONAL care for our
4-legged clients (and their humans!) in a SAFE, FUN, & INTERACTIVE environment.


  • We are ALL ABOUT THE DOGS & CATS and their people!
  • We are LEADERS: industry-leaders, pack leaders, staff-leaders, & thought-leaders.
  • We support the growth, health, & well-being of pets, humans, and the company.
  • We treat everyone (people & pets) with dignity and respect.
  • We communicate openly & honestly.
  • We display a positive, welcoming, & helpful attitude.
  • We value learning, teaching, & the ongoing development of each other.
  • We celebrate & reward accomplishments & A+ players!


Put your LOVE of ANIMALS to WORK!

We are purpose and values-driven company,
with locations in St. Clairsville, Ohio, and Wheeling, WV.



Fill out the green survey below, and we will get you on the journey toward an interview!

We have created a team of elite pet care professionals!  We hire people with heart, sunshine, grit, tenacity, and a willingness to learn, and together we inspire each other, our clients, and our dogs to be better than they ever thought possible! We teach and learn, inspire and grow, and it just keeps getting better and better!


Co-founder, since 2006


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I love seeing just how much we matter to the clients and how much they appreciate what we do! The environment and my coworkers make me wonder if I’d ever be as comfortable or happy working anywhere else!


WHG Location, Since 2006

I love being able to be the best part of a dog’s day! For a lot of dogs, Play N Stay is the most fun that they get to have, and I love being able to be their source of fun, exercise, love, and stimulation!💛


WHG Location Group Manager, Since 2015

What I love most about Play-N-Stay would be my awesome teammates & being able to be a part of the best Pet Camp in the area! I also LOVE bonding with the clients, decorating the office for parties, AND my awesome coworkers!


WHG Location Client WOW! Team, Since 2016

I love working at Play-N-Stay and getting to spend the day with the dogs, teaching, but also playing. I’ve learned so much, it’s a very rewarding job! Building a relationship with each and every dog is special because they are all different and it’s amazing to see their personalities shine!


WHG Location Group Leader, Since 2014

I love working with a team where we can talk about anything and work through any problem because we truly care about each other. I love our clients! They are amazing and it’s great seeing how much we mean to so many of them and they to us.

 Most of all, I love the dogs, and St.Clairsville’s cats – caring for them and knowing that what I do everyday really makes a difference. Even on the toughest days, tail wags and kisses make everything better! Caring for them and knowing that what i do everyday really matters makes me smile 💓


WHG & STC Location Shift Leader, Since 2015

I’m a Staff Trainer & Continuing Education Coordinator and love contributing in a variety of way to Play-N-Stay’s success. I enjoy office assisting clients, instructing and monitoring dog play groups, teaching and training new team members with various tasks!


Shift Leader & Trainer, Since 2014

As a member of our Wheeling Team, where he is involved with Canine AND Staff Development, I spend my day monitoring dog play groups,  as well as training staff for leadership roles. I help direct day to day facility tasks such as; coordinating play groups, spa services, building operations, and additional programming and training. I smile from ear to ear and get excited  about dog play groups and the fun they have. I’m thoughtful in my approach to any question or idea, and am willing to help out my coworkers be successful!


WHG Location Group Manager, Since 2017


STC, WHG, and South WHG Locations!

Play N Stay Pet Camp offers a proprietary, cutting edge dog handling training program. No prior experience required, as we teach you everything you need to know!

We offer pay bumps at every level of learning and working students and team members can move up quickly. Learn about dog training, cleaning, care, first aid, leash handling, basic grooming, group leading, shift management and more! This is a working/training program and you’ll be working here while you learn! BOTH Job AND Career Opportunities are available – Part-Time, Full-time, and Seasonal. ON THE JOB LEARNING PROVIDES THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS….dog handling skills AND a paycheck! Apply now!

Pet Care Specialists

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Seasonal (Late Spring/All Summer)

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More about working with the Play N Stay Team:

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Play N Stay Pet Camp is looking for the right candidates to fill pet care positions at their Wheeling and St. Clairsville locations!
WEEKENDS and some holidays are required – and pay more than weekdays! 👍 👍 
Must work at least 2 days a week!

Play N Stay Pet Camp PERKS include (but are not limited to):
✔️ On-the-job training! We hire for attitude and train the rest! 💥 
✔️ $1.00 per hour Availability Bonus for those available 30+ hours a week, including weekends!
✔️ $1.00 an hour MORE  on the weekend shifts, after 300 hours of experience! 
✔️ Employee Discount on Pet Daycare and Boarding!
✔️ Employee Discount on all Retail!
✔️ FREE and Discounted Spa Services (for YOU) at our Sister Company, “ThrIVe”!
✔️ Earn time-and-a-half on these holidays: New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve!
✔️ Paid Time Off (starts accruing on day one!)
✔️ Finished by 7:30PM every evening!
✔️ Eligible for monthly prizes in our “Rockstar of the Month” Program
✔️ Get paid to care for pets in our rescue program!
✔️ Unlimited career growth potential! Love to learn, grow, and celebrate others learning and development? We do too!  Our leaders are amazing! The sky is the limit!

The CULTURE at Play N Stay is built on our shared commitment to our core values –

  • We learn, we teach, we grow, we celebrate! We build trust at every opportunity- communicating openly, honestly, and with care.

  • We lead ourselves, our clients, our team, and our industry.

  • We utilize our knowledge, skills, & expertise to provide exceptional care.

  • We partner in the success & health of our company.

  • We achieve balance through awareness, anticipation, & adaptability.

  • We are accountable to ourselves and each other.

  • We are safe, AND we have fun!

🏆 That means that our team members make decisions for the greater good! 

⭐️ We know that an A+ team is built with A+ players who care about outcomes. We hold ourselves and our teammates to high standards.

☺️ We avoid drama and communicate openly, honestly, and with care. We build trust at every opportunity and see the good in each other.

🤜 We work together to define and create excellence in the workplace. We continually strive to improve and grow, by asking questions, seeking knowledge, and stretching beyond our comfort zones.

👌🏼 We hire, fire, review, reward, and recognize our teammates based on these characteristics, so it’s important that you share these values in order to be part of our team.

💪🏼 And you can’t be afraid of hard work!  This environment can be very fast-paced, requiring flexibility, quick learning, the ability to stay on your feet & stay busy without close supervision,  great attention to detail, and always exceptional care and customer service!

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Your dog (AND cat) will LOVE you for it!





We specialize in spoiled dogs & cats and give you peace of mind!