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Introduction to Clicker Training:

  • A clicker is a MARKER. It MARKS the instant that the dog got it right!
  • When starting clicker training you’ll need to “charge” the clicker first, so you create meaning for the dog when he hears the click!
  • To charge the clicker, while you have the dogs attention, click the clicker and give a treat.
  • You can play the “Head Turn for Name” Game or get the dog to sit or any other command you know the dog already knows.
  • In the instant the dog does the command, click the clicker (to MARK the behavior – like a SNAPSHOT of the moment of perfection) and give a treat.
  • Charge the clicker INSIDE at first so it is clear the click is coming from you and they are focused on you. You will repeat this process until you can see that when the dog hears the click he/she becomes alert and is looking for a treat (usually it does not take long).
  • Some will be more willing to work once they understand the game.
  • Using a clicker allows you to recognize the behavior you want SILENTLY!

QUIZ: INTRO to Clicker Training

Click the title above to open the test.

Also DEMO the activities in front of your trainer.

The Bucket Game is intended to create COOPERATIVE CARE between you and the dog.

What starts as a focus game or focus drill ULTIMATELY grows to where the dog can tell YOU when he’s ready for treatment, as is demonstrated in the FOURTH video.

DO NOT try this if you’ve NOT been certified in CLICKER training OR the clicker has not been “Charged”.

This next video shows what is possible by combining TOUCH and COOPERATIVE CARE, where the dog actually tells the lady when she is ready to receive her ear med.