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A Letter from AVMA

American Veterinary Medical Association

Housetraining Your New Puppy


Puppy Daycare!  Puppy School! Puppy Camp!

serving St. Clairsville, OH & Wheeling, WV


AKA “Puppy School”

The BEST education you can give your new puppy!
Our Daycare DEVELOPMENT program is designed just for PUPPIES! The PUPPY CARE partnership, from the HEART of a DOG TRAINER!

.The Best Research Shows :

  • Puppies need to meet 100 people, prior to 12 weeks of age!
  • Due to their vaccination needs, this can be quite difficult!

Enroll your puppy into our carefully conducted Puppy Daycare & Development Program, AKA “Puppy School”, designed to help your pup develop into a confident and robust pup, eager to learn and easy to teach, through the use of FUN and GAMES.

Puppies are dropped off for all day supervision, structured naps, play time and potty training rituals. They are exposed, in FUN ways, to sights & sounds that many ADULT dogs find scary, AND taught how to positively respond to handling through a series of activities that include grooming exercises & mock veterinary exams.

This program allows your puppy to learn under the influence of highly skilled puppy handlers, trainers and teaching dogs.

  • Bite inhibition learning window CLOSES at 18 weeks of age!
  • Puppy needs to learn what he can put his mouth on AND how to be soft-mouthed. WE CAN HELP!


Puppy School members get:

  • Daycare AND training for your puppy! 5 days a week, we are here for you!
  • Our specially-trained puppy handlers will help your puppy learn & grow!
  • We support your house-training efforts, by establishing a good routine!
  • Mock VET exams!
  • Socialization with new people!
  • Socialization with other puppies and adult dogs!
  • Exposure to new situations!
  • Help with house training!
  • Crate tolerance!
  • Basic manners work, such as SIT, WAIT, LEAVE IT, BACK, and OFF!
  • Preparation for real life events that can spook or stress an adult dog! We make learning FUN!
  • Every play session is full of LOVE and LEARNING!


  • Click your location of preference, then click GET STARTED to create your online account and place your Credit Card on file.
  • Puppy needs TWO Distemper/Parvo vaccines (only count shots 6 weeks and older) and to be scheduled for THIRD.
  • Puppy needs Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine.
  • Puppy MUST be in household 3 weeks before attending. Please don’t fib. It’s important for safety and development.
  • Call your location of preference (STC 740-695-2200/WHG 304-242-2200) and ask to enroll!


  • Commitment from you to support GOOD crate training manners at home. If your puppy is upset non-stop, due to confinement during rest, he or she will not learn quickly. It’s nearly impossible for us to train a puppy who is not crate tolerant, and it’s very upsetting to the other puppies. We can help get crate manners where they need to be, but we need you to keep up the good manners!
  • Quick-snap collar (easy on and off) for collar training.
  • Training treats (Fast treats that puppy can eat quickly.)
  • Small baggie of portioned meal for lunch and a bag of quick little treats for training times LABELED WITH YOUR DOG’S NAME AND YOUR LAST NAME! If puppy gets car sick, and you need us to feed breakfast or dinner, please bring that in labeled baggies too!

Call us today to schedule an appointment!

We will CUSTOMIZE your pet's PERFECT stay!

304-242-2200 (WHG- Elm Grove)
304-242-2202 (WHG - SOUTH)
740-695-2200 (STC)


Your dog (AND cat) will LOVE you for it!




We specialize in spoiled dogs & cats and give you peace of mind!