Our Nike LOVES her Treat-A Dog Memory Foam Faux Fur Pet Bed!

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PLUS you’ll see a great selection of a BUNCH of other neat pet products!

When you have a puppy or any pet,

there are SO many objects vying for your attention!

For that reason, we’ve assembled a list of our favorite products from Amazon! As with everything we share, we (Jessica and Vanessa) are providing these recommendations after having used these products! (Nothing made it to our list that we don’t absolutely LOVE!)

That said, some of these links are affiliate links.  That means, if you click thru and purchase, we do get a nominal commission.  YOU are NOT charged any more, as a consumer, for this benefit.  AND we do not get free products, in order to provide testimonials.  We are simply sharing products that make our lives BETTER and EASIER, and we don’t want you to learn the hard way!  Because…that’s just no fun!  And WE are ALL about FUN!



Which CRATE should I buy?

No question – PRECISION GREAT CRATE!  2 doors – the standard END door and another AWESOME SIDE DOOR – so you can put it flat against your wall! Easy assembly – no pins, folds up, folds down, slides under the bed when puppy grows up and learns to be on his own!  Slides back out and pops up when you figure out that you put it away too soon!  😂


Should I buy the sparkly ruffled BED for my PUPPY'S CRATE?

No – you should not!

They will be destroyed in NO TIME FLAT!

You should buy TWO of these tough bolster beds, because you’ll launder them a BAZILLION times and need a fresh one, when the other is dirty!


What should I use for FAST clean-ups on my FLOOR?

Undoubtedly – the “Rubba Sweepa”


And we love this microfiber mop!  Sturdy, long handle AND a big cleaning surface!  A few swipes and the room is back under control in no time!

Small Dog Items we LOVE!

The SNOOZER LOOKOUT Car Booster Seat for Pets!

Car Booster Seat for Little Dogs

I wanted to share ONE of my VERY FAVORITE dog purchases: The SNOOZER LOOKOUT CAR BOOSTER SEAT!

  • Does your little dog struggle to ride comfortably in the car?
  • Do they try to stand, only to fall when you take a turn or hit the brakes?
  • Do they try to stand up on their back legs to look out the window?
  • Do they struggle to balance and see?It’s STRESSFUL for ALL of us!

I looked at all kinds of pet booster seats – the hanging ones, the puffy ones, a bunch of different kinds. In the end, I decided on the SNOOZER LOOKOUT SEAT! I LOVE IT! It’s SO EASY to throw into place – one handed, while rushing, with a dog or a coffee in the other hand! NOT KIDDING!!

As a bonus, it has a storage drawer under it, seatbelts in easily, and is surprisingly LIGHT in weight, yet amazingly STURDY! Seriously – super, great choice! AND ALL of the dogs LOVE it! The pups are SAFE, balanced, and can see, which makes for a JOYOUS ride for ALL of us!

I’m attaching an Amazon link for this amazing seat! Some of the best money you’ll spend on your pet’s SAFETY AND your SANITY!!

Dog Pajamas!

Training STUFF we LOVE

Household Items we LOVE!

The "Rubba Sweepa"

This is the GO-TO TOOL in our facility!

It’s the BEST at picking up


Our FAVORITE Microfiber MOP!

This is the GO-TO TOOL in our HOUSE!

It’s the BEST at QUICK Clean-Ups

in our PACK of 6 DOGS!

PRECISION Little Stinker Housetraining Pads

LOTS of Pee Pads on the market.

These are the only ones we buy!

ABSORBENT! Won’t break the bank!

BOUNTY + DAWN Paper Towels!

Our FAVORITE Paper Towels

WITH the DAWN in them!

Couldn’t live without them!


We ALWAYS keep spare

MICROFIBER Mop Pads around!

It’s the BEST at QUICK Clean-Ups!

Health & Happiness Products we LOVE

Slow Feed BOWLS that WE LOVE!

Puppy Supplies we LOVE!